The Supply Chain Coach

The Supply Chain Coach is a functional mentorship, practical training and coaching services entity led by Lebo Letsoalo and industry professionals for supply chain professionals in both public and private sectors, as well as entrepreneurs and higher education students in supply chain faculties. As a coach, this programme is prepared for graduates, new managers and executives looking to refresh their knowledge focussing on systemic thinking and modern understanding of the industry, enabling deep understanding and practical application of modern workplace skills.

Sustainable Programmes: 

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

As a CEO of Sincpoint, she provides Integrated Solutions and Advisory programmes which are designed to optimise Supply Chains in all the sectors ensuring that organisations are efficient in their service delivery. Her focus is on ensuring supporting organisations to transform from being tactical in strategic mode through strategy, design and optimisation capabilities that span the full spectrum of integrated value chains across industry verticals. Supply Chain intelligence is at the core of integrating people, process and technology together to help professionals embrace new technologies informed by Industry 4.0.

Public Speaking Engagements

Lebo is a thought leader & highly ranked speaker in the Supply Chain fraternity having delivered some of the most progressive keynote talks in both public and private organisational summits, workshops, conferences, Indabas and company strategic retreats.

Her talks are dynamic, offer practical solutions and ideas, demystify industry complexities and offers expert pathway into the future. With a team of researchers, astute business professionals, academics and experts, her talks are meant to move companies, businesses, organisations and corporates into their next level of growth.

Industry Enhancer Program for  Entrepreneurs

Our Enhancer program is for Entrepreneurs, both small and medium businesses to equip with various industry skills to grow and sustain their business. This programme is designed for entrepreneurs looking to cultivate strong business skills and acumen to enhance their chances of building strong and sustainable businesses.

Functional Mentorship and Coaching for Professionals

Lebo provides employee skills and capacity development programmes to help employees in the supply chain sector improve their skills. This programme helps to evolve and bridge future supply chain leaders from one generation to the next looking at factors that influence the sector today and into the future. The coaching programs are geared towards graduates, young professionals, entrepreneurs and professionals with industry experience.This is provided on a one-on-one and groups basis.

  • Group Coaching this coaching programme is designed to support Supply Chain professionals (new entrants), and experienced professionals in organizations with the transfer and application of their learning, creating an ongoing practical upskilling structure. This is an ongoing conversation, which supports change over time.
  • On-demand CoachingThis coaching is also referred to as one-on-one workplace training and involves a process of working alongside individual graduates and employees to improve their skills in Supply Chain. It involves a systematic and deliberate guidance for individuals to develop modern knowledge and globally competitive skills.
  • Young Professionals Booster Program – This program is designed to support students and young professionals in supply chain to have a productive and rewarding career paths and to also boost their entrepreneurial aspirations.

We create an environment for Youththem to have a holistic view of their environments through industry rotations, career coaching, experiential training, thereby building their technical skills for them to learn and develop, whilst developing industry capacity


Date: September 18, 2017