Vision of BRICS futures Skills Challenge

Lebo Letsoalo share the Vision of BRICS futures Skills Challenge

Africa Business Radio — Lebo Lestoalo chairperson of MERSETA shares the purpose of having the Brics Futures Skills Challenge in South Africa. In 2018, Chairmanship of BRICS moves to South Africa, and with South Africa hosting the Government summit and the BRICS Business Council Meetings the South African Skills Development Working Group (SDWG) has agreed to host the second BRICS Skills Challenge at Gallagher estate in Gauteng, During October 2018. During the challenge, participants are given specific tasks and deadlines in which to complete them. Participants are judged by panels of specialists from participating countries. The objectives of the Skills Development Working Group are: · increase bilateral and multilateral cooperation in skills development for Industry 4.0 and other future skills that will facilitate economic growth, · collaborate for innovation and development of cost-effective learning tools and · development of a standard qualification framework and new curricula in emerging

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