Public speaking
Lebo is a highly ranked speaker in the Supply Chain fraternity having delivered some of the most progressive keynote talks in both public and private organisational summits, workshops, conferences, Indabas and company strategic retreats.
Group Coaching
This coaching programme is designed to support Supply Chain graduates and professionals (new entrants), and experienced professionals in organizations with the transfer and application of their learning, creating an ongoing practical upskilling structure. This is an ongoing conversation, which supports change over time.
On-demand Coaching
This coaching is also referred to as one-on-one workplace training and involves a process of working alongside individual graduates and employees to improve their skills in Supply Chain. It involves a systematic and deliberate guidance for individuals to develop modern knowledge and globally competitive skills.
Integrated Solutions & Advisory
Our Integrated Solutions and Advisory programmes are designed for the purpose of Supply Chain Optimisation: Strategy, design and optimisation capabilities that span the full spectrum of integrated value chains across industry verticals.
Supply Chain Mentorship
This programme helps to evolve and bridge future supply chain leaders from one generation to the next looking at factors that influence the sector today and into the future. Specifically looking at graduates, entrepreneurs, new managers, new professionals and women.
Incubation of Entrepreneurs
Our functional mentorship & coaching sessions for entrepreneurs are structured to provide pre and post incubation support which nurtures the business skills and competencies for sustainable growth. Get to understand the supply chain world, contracting, building technical competencies, pitching your business and accessing opportunities to enable you to be globally competitive and contribute to the Southern African economic landscape.

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